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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, WriterYour coach - Millie Calesky

Do you want to move forward, take risks, set higher goals, and achieve more? Whether you -- or your work team -- need coaching, or a motivational speaker and trainer, Millie Calesky will help you work through the challenges facing your professional life to achieve the success that is within you.

Through her unique and personal approach, Millie helps you appreciate your strengths and wisdom.

As a gifted coach, Millie provides structure, guidance, and encouragement so you can achieve your goals.

As a motivational speaker and trainer, Millie Calesky addresses audiences in an upbeat, dynamic, and personal way on subjects ranging from self-development and thriving in the midst of transition to attaining professional success.

As a writer, she specializes in topics concerning personal and professional development, health and wellness, self-acknowledgment and self-care.

With more than 28 years' experience – and scores of testimonials from clients – Millie Calesky provides people with the tools, support, and structure they need to accomplish more.

International Coaching Federation Toastmasters
Coach University
(413) 655-2555
336 Michaels Road
Hinsdale, MA 01235
(413) 655-0006